Converting Construction Loans – 5 Important Facts

The interest rates are low, but a loan repayment is not always worthwhile. Especially since a few special rules are to be considered, a termination of the old contract, for example, is not as easy as possible with a installment loan. Especially with old loans, a rescheduling is almost always allowed – and mostly useful. […]

Loan without bank statement – Where feasible?

The look at the bank statement can be pretty depressing. Of course, some bank employees may think so and not approve a loan when they see the account balance of their claimant. Again and again, therefore, a credit without a bank statement is requested, but a solution is not always. Sometimes it may be worthwhile […]

Fast money: how loan sharks fish good-faith consumers

  The Internet is teeming with dubious credit providers and credit intermediaries. These are also called loan sharks in colloquial language. Above all, consumers with low credit rating or negative Private credit is promised by the dubious institutions and intermediaries a quick and easy cash injection. We will show you what to look for when […]

Fast microloan

This world works at the speed of light, and I guess that’s why a quick microloan is perfect for everyone. In this day and age, if it is not fast, then it is not worth your time. That’s mainly because the world does not wait for anyone. We use to have to work at a […]

Good credit comparison calculator for real estate

The credit comparison calculator for real estate is very easy to use. Only a few entries are needed to find the cheapest loan. But next to the interest rate, a few other factors should play a role. Who takes these four tips into account, does not go wrong. We introduce a good comparison calculator and […]

Online Quick Loans in the Test

A quick loan is needed if, as the name implies, it has to be done quickly. But how do you get to fast money? It is best to first ask friends and family for a cent or two. If you do not have this option online lenders are available on the internet. The normal way […]