Fast money: how loan sharks fish good-faith consumers

The Internet is teeming with dubious credit providers and credit intermediaries. These are also called loan sharks in colloquial language. Above all, consumers with low credit rating or negative Private credit is promised by the dubious institutions and intermediaries a quick and easy cash injection. We will show you what to look for when applying for a loan on the internet.

  • Dubious credit providers and credit intermediaries are active on the Internet
  • Quick and easy loans are promised without Private credit or with low credit ratings
  • Loan sharks are usually recognized by immoral interest rates

Not to be underestimated - the loan shark

Not to be underestimated – the loan shark

loan without a Private credit statement.

The Private credit thus protects consumers from over-indebtedness and lenders from payment defaults by borrowers. Foreign banks, especially banks from Switzerland, also offer German people loans without a Private credit statement. Abroad there is not an organization like the Private credit. If you have only a negative Private credit the way through foreign banks is a fine thing. But here is caution. Foreign banks place higher demands on a loan without Private credit. For example, in the case of a loan application, collateral is often required that you do not even need for a loan with Private credit.

low demands on the consumer.

Loan shark - Loan without Schufa

The high default risk can be compensated by institutions with enormously high interest rates. Consumers in financial emergencies are often simply drawn into the next debt trap. If you do not get a loan in the normal way, the quick and easy loan offers on the Internet attract all the more. Normally, reputable loans are always granted only with the creditworthiness of the consumer or collateral provided. One of the main interests of banks is that the borrower can pay back the loan.
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loans from home.

The personal loans are private investors who have to convince you above all with their financial project. Due to the close contact between private investors and private borrowers, a loan without Private credit is possible here.